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HRPT/HRI High Resolution Picture/Image Transmission

Last updated 2008-May-03

On these pages you will see details about my HRPT/HRI equipment.

From other people ( see LINK-page ) I have learned so much, that I felt I should share my experiences ( good  and bad ones ) with you.

These pages are intended to help others to set up their station for HRPT/HRI weathersatellite picture reception. Equipment is the same for HRPT and HRI exept antenna.

HRI is no longer available in Western Europe, since Meteosat-7 has moved from 0 to 57 East in 2006. So for the nostalgic I left a trip "around the world in 24 hours" on my images page.

I tried various types of antennas and preamplifiers, developed a rotor controller and constructed different receiver and decoders and made some amendments to them which you may find useful. The computers I use are standard PC compatibles.

The picture below shows the receiver ( bottom ), Yaesu antenna controller ( middle ) and my rotor interface (top ).
Receiver setup