Last update 2008-May-03

Here are some links to start with. You will find more useful links on these pages


A visit to Eumetsat is a "must" for all European weathersatellite enthusiasts.
The Remote Imaging Group ( RIG ), where our interests were bundled, no longer does, what it was expected to do.
GEO, seems to be the appropriate successor
Timestep, here you can buy equipment if you do not want to build yourself
David Taylor, many good pieces of software. David is extremely responsive to enhance his software and fulfill his users' needs.
The world of radio transmitted FAX is opened here.
Michael has wonderful images on his pages.
Do not miss Michael Pedersens homepage.
rig-l · Weather Satellite User's Yahoo group
GEO · GEO subscribers' Yahoo group
MSG-1 · Meteosat 2nd generation user's Yahoo group
SatSignal, David Taylor's Yahoo group

HRPT imaging

Wil's Satellite Page, a must for the homebrewer has been closed. At least the HPR137 is on my download page.
Alblas (C)HRPT,HRI Decoder, with complete instructions how to build
The Italian group describing their equipment is here.
Michael updates his HRPT images on a semiregular basis.
Gerald Ihninger has useful information for the homebrewer as well as on ready made HRPT equipment from the Italian magazine Nueva Elettronica.
On Sam Elsdon's Weather Satellite Reception Pages you will find information about his preamplifier and HRPT receiver designs publishes in RIG-Journals.

MSG Meteosat Second Generation

Comprehensive information on hardware and software setup is available from David Taylor. As an alternative the xrit2pic software running both under Linux and Windows is available free from Rob Alblas.

PIC 16F84 Microprocessor

Jal (Just Another Language), if you need one.
Microchip is the manufacturer. Very active webmaster. You never find the same items at the same place again.
PIC microcontroller pages, with useful links.


My webdesign has been "inspired" by Clairettes Web-Design-Homepage
Have a look at it, although it is in German it could be well worth the visit.