Hello, my name is Goetz Romahn. I live in Berlin, Germany 52° 26' N, 13° 15' W ( locator JO62PK ). At this writing I am 58 years old, male, married and have two adult children.

Erika and Goetz

Remote image reception via weathersatellites is one of my private interests since the early 1980s. Since then I set up an APT station for NOAA satellites at 137.5 MHz and for Meteosat at 1691 MHz. Some years later I built my first Meteosat PDUS, these were the ancient days when there was no encryption. In 2001 I startet with NOAA HRPT reception and imaging.

Some of my other interests are electronics, computer and music. I own a Radio Amateur license, DL7AOT and play the Double-Bass in a symphony orchestra.

Akademisches Orchester Berlin in Cremona, Italy

This is the first time, I set up a web site, so bear with me and give me a note if something has gone totally wrong.

The usual disclaimers apply. This site is for personal and hobby use only. You may freely use any information found here with no garanties for anything. 

Goetz ( actually written with German Umlaut ö instead of oe, Götz )