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MSG Meteosat Second Generation

Last updated 2008-May-03

Ready made receivers boards are available from many sources for such a low price, that even a fanatic homebrewer cannot compete with.
High- and very-high resolution images are transmitted from Meteosat-9 via Eumetcast. There are also retransmissions of images from foreign geostationary satellites covering the whole world as well as retransmissions of images from low earth orbiting satellites (e.g. NOAA17, NOAA18 and MetopA)
Comprehensive information about comercially available hardware and software and their setup is available from David Taylor

You will find another softwarepackage, named xrit2pic, available free from Rob Alblas. Rob's portable software is for Linux as well as for Windows.

Although satellite images animated by David's or Rob's software are thrilling, the hardwaresetup could also be used for watching TV. ProgDVB is a very popular and versatile software to do so.